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Chapter 3: Ridin on the wild side

When Kazuya awoke he felt his head upset; he sat up rubbing his eyes and looked at his surroundings. Then he felt the bed he was lying on shifting and turned to see Elizabeth; he saw her exposed form, as the blanket had dropped from her shoulders when she had sat up. Following his line of vision she looked down herself and noticed that she was naked. Pulling the blanket back up she only smirked, "Good morning Elizabeth-sempai", he said, "Ah, good morning" she said. Kazuya glimpsed back at the clock on the nightstand and suddenly sat up, ill-manneredly rolling off the bed with his face hitting the floor. "It's 7:10! I have to take a shower and get changed! I have class in less than an hour!" He scrambled out of the bed and gathered all his things. Elizabeth got to her feet casually rubbing her shoulder. "I'll see you later Kazuya." "I'm sorry I have to leave in such a rush Elizabeth-sempai catching the young woman by astonishment by rushing back to her side and place a quick kiss on the cheek. "I will see you later Elizabeth-sempai." Kazuya rushed out of the mansion and missed the satisfied smile on Elizabeth's face.

All during class that day it seemed to Kazuya that something weird was going on with the Pandoras as notice something weird.


After kazuya and satellizer finished making out in the hospital be; they were about to rest until kazuya saw something suspicious. While she was sleeping a weird blue mist started to come out of satellizer's mouth for a while then stopped. He thought that was probably the room being cold then went to sleep.


He managed to stay conscious enough to see he was in a limo and saw Elizabeth next to him naked as well. Before he blacked out kazuya saw emerald mist emitting from her mouth.

End Flashback

"It's probably a Pandora thing", kazuya thought. He assumed he was just conjuring up solutions and tried to put it out of his mind. After lunch he was able to study to get caught up on his classes. So here he was at the desk studying when there was a knock at his door; he got up to answer it. When he answered though he was surprised to see none other than Annette maximillian in sleeveless white v-cut collar dress that stopped mid-thigh and clung on to her body like a second skin with beige high heels. "Why hello Kazuya," the girl said in a seductive tone. "Did I come here at a bad time" "No this time is as good as any Annette-sempai. Is there anything you need?". "I was wondering if you would like to go and spend the entire night out with me" she said. "ummm… sure what should I wear", he said noticing his wrinkled up uniform. "Something casual then meet me at the Monorail at sunset".

It was sunset in the city of kibou as kazuya in a black tux was walking with Annette down the streets until they have finally reached their destination. The building looked very new and fancy and the blue neon sign read "QUANTAM WHIRLPOOL"; once he heard the sounds from inside the building he knew what place this was. "Aren't we a bit too young to be gambling", kazuya said. "We're the planet's future hero's kazuya I think that allows us to do almost anything we want", Annette said. They entered the casino admiring everything from the state of the art slot machines to the neat luxurious poker tables; they went to the best V.I.P. people in the casino. -"Come one people! One more seat until we play!" Announce the dealer. Annette grinned and headed to that table. "He would like to play!" Annette said in a childish tone. Everyone looked at kazuya like he was an idiot. "Ohhh... Ho... Well then sir how much do you want play in for?" Said the dealer. Annette tosses a wad of cash in the middle of the table. The dealer picks up cash and counted. "Only $9000 sir & ma'am? Are you sure?" "That all we have." Kazuya said honestly. As they sat down on the chair with the rest. "Very well sir. Here you are." The Dealer giving kazuya a small amount of chips. "Alright now! Let's play!" dealer dealing out the cards out to everyone. Kazuya received his card and the game began. The people that kazuya was playing against had four times amount of chip that kazuya had. Kazuya had his Flabbergasted look on, and didn't know what to do, so he just followed his instincts. Kazuya played and played. And surprisingly Kazuya was actually winning each hand. Every time he plays, his chips gradually grew. People were starting to underestimate him. "Dam! He has one killer poker face." One of the poker players thought. As he look up at Kazuya once more time at his so called "poker face." "I'm doing great, Look how much I got!" Kazuya said showing the amount of chips he earned. Annette felt her jaw drop when she saw the amount of chips and her smirk couldn't get any wider without tearing any skin. After five more games the rest of the players were all dried out as kazuya and Annette took their winnings and left the casino. "If being a limiter dosen't work out with you could always be a poker champion", Annette said. "Beginners luck", kazuya replied. Once they got back to the academy through the monorail kazuya escorted the redhead back to the third year dormitories. "Would you mind coming in I could use some company" Annette asked in an innocent tone; "ummmm sure" kazuya said as he entered the room with her.

Five Minutes Later

Annette's head was spinning by the time he'd set her down and his lips came crashing down on hers. Feeling the pulsing need becoming agonizingly painful between her thighs, the young pandora wrapped her long toned legs around his waist, wanting the friction. His hardness pressed itself against her center, demanding release. He was dying to be inside her. And she was dying to feel him in her, her arms wrapping tightly around her neck before his lips pried themselves from hers. Their jagged breathing fogged the windows, allowing them their privacy to do as they pleased right there in the room. Kazuya sat her down on the couch, kneeling in between her legs as he kissed a searing path of molten hot kisses down her neck to the V of her chest. Kazuya wasted no time in sliding the top half of her dress off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. His eyes lit with more passion as he brushed his fingertips over the full mounds. Slowly, he watched with a smirk as he trialed his index finger over her nipple, watching it harden beneath his attentions. His hand darted beneath her dress, fingers grazing over her moistened folds. Her breath hitched as she stared down at him. His wicked smirk aroused her even more as she felt his hands palming her thighs and spreading them. She willingly went along with it, knowing the pleasure would soon be coursing through her body. Annette moaned softly, arching her back slightly. The heat had been building within her body, pooling between her thighs to dampen her underwear even more. His tongue slid from her slit to her sopping slit, and she could only scream as the pleasure ripped through her body. She could feel herself Cumming already, and it was only the beginning! "Annette-sempai..." He moaned, ripping her dress off of her as he pulled down his entire suit in one swift movement, his length long and hard. Her eyes nearly widened at the sight. She carefully lowered herself onto him moaning as it went inside of her. She rode him slowly; her hands on his chest for balance, his hands on her thighs to grip, both began moaning louder as she quickened her pace. She lay on top of him with her fingers in his hair, her chest pressed up against his and with him deep inside of her she could feel their hearts beating together getting faster as she rode him harder. It was getting harder for her to breathe as kazuya squeezed her closer mashing their lips together. This was new for her so she let him take over then went along rolling her tongue around in his mouth. She pulled back breathing heavier and moaning, she felt so happy she had chosen to have sex with him. Soon it came to an end as they both came at the same time; kazuya gently rolled annette off of him then got behind her. "I want you to put it in here." She lifted her long hair to reveal her anus. "Are you sure? I think it'll hurt."kazuya said. "I don't care, just start slow and keep going until you have an orgasm. We both have to have one right?" "Uh...Ohk." kazuya replied. goes. "He pressed up against her. Instantly he felt the resistance as he slowly wedged his way in. "You ohk?"."Yeah, keep going, don't stop.", she said

Kazuya smiled and slowly went further in generating soft groaning from the fourth rank as he reached the base of his shaft then slowly pulled back out just far enough that the head was still inside her. "That felt good." "Oh? Then I'll go a little faster" Was all he said. He slid back inside of her faster this time causing her to breathe sharply and moan as he went in then back out. He groaned too. This felt better than the last two things they did. He went even faster now, each time making her moan louder. Soon enough he was thrusting as fast as she had been riding him earlier. Kazuya grabbed her asscheeks and squeezed the life out of them as he thrust into her with all of his power making her cry out in delight. "Annette-sempai, I'm going to cum. I'm gonna cum again." "Me too. Cum in my ass!" Both were panting and moaning. kazuya's thrusts grew less frequent as he was ready to ejaculate. each thrust ramming into her causing both to rock forward until finally he shot his seed deep into her rectum, both of them crying out in pleasure. He collapsed on top of her crumpling both of them onto the ground. Breathing heavily, she turned towards Kazuya. "Thanks for making this one of the best nights ever". She said; "no problem" was his reply. The two of them went to sleep as a silver mist was radiating from Annette's nostrils. But neither them were deep sleep to know that everything they did was heard by a certain Head student council president and vice president.

Love that is not madness is not love.

Pedro Calderon de la Barca
the third chapter
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