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Aha I have updated before the week was out; anyway here I am with a new chapter. I'm also currently working on a new story and it might take up some of my read time. So Read. Enjoy. Review.

Chapter 8: Size Not Matters

"Any results yet sir" said, dr. kain; "we won't know until Su Na lee gathers more info on kazuya" Dr. aoi said. "Everything will be alright as long as doesn't repeat the same action that made the dilemma in the first place" Dr. aoi said.

"Nothing's refreshing than a nice cold drink after doing the same training execise with different pandoras this time" said kazuya. (A/N: oh dear lord). While relaxing in his dorm room he was thinking about what to do with his new found harem whether he should see how long he take it or should he just end it. He dozed off to sleep the thoughts off and worry about it later.

Kazyua woke up feeling much refreshed but, something was wrong… he was blindfolded and therefore couldn't see anything but darkness. "huh what's going on" kazuya said, with fear in his voice; "sssssshhhhhhh just lay right there and let me take care of everything" said a sultry voice. The limiter tried to take off his blindfold but his limbs were tied and realized he was naked after he felt a draft. She lowered herself onto him completely and kissed him roughly. They kissed for a while until the stranger began to buck her hips against kazuya in a very seductive approach until it was too much for him to tolerate. He then humped her on to his lower chest and begun his attack on her neck. There he bit and licked and soon went down to take care of her petite breasts. She moaned when she felt him sucking on her nipples and began to rake her hands through his soft dark hair. He grinned against her breasts and lifted his head up to break his actions. This caused the girl in question to snarl. She then began to go more south and began to lick and suck at the flesh of his chest all the way to his manhood. One of her fingers began to caress his manhood with great precision. She licked her lips and soon her finger was joined by her tongue that licked around his skin.

kazuya now groaned and sighed loudly and he commanded her to go on. Her hands massaged his balls while she began to take him inside her mouth. It was promising to fit everything of it inside her and she began to suck on it. Kazuya groaned once again when she began to try to take him deeper with each suck. Both of them were surprised when the tip met the back of her throat and her lips reached almost the hilt of his cock. At first she took hard time not gagging but after some time she was used to the huge manhood inside her mouth. Soon the he couldn't take it anymore and emptied himself into her waiting mouth. His mysterious bed partner then swallowed every last drop, loosened his bonds a little, and straddled his face between her legs allowing him to smell the sweet scent of her womanhood. He entered her with his tongue and began to lick her insides while his fingers stroked and pinched her clit. It didn't take long until she moaned his name loudly and came. Kazuya did his best to lap up all the juices that entered his mouth. She was about to go for another kiss until kazuya surprised her by breaking free of all his bonds and pinning her underneath him. He took off his blindfold and saw it was none other than Attia Simmons. "Attia-sempai…why?" She said nothing and just continued to kiss him her tongue pasiing through his lips trying to make him forget about his question. He took the blindfold she used on him and blindfolded her. She was surprised but when she suddenly felt him kissing her she decided that it gave the whole thing a reverse twist. Kazuya then lifted her up and began to push his huge cock slowly into her. Attia rolled her blindfolded eyes, grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him completely inside her in one thrust Kazuya groaned at her tightness but he could see her hurt face so he stayed put, despite his aching manhood inside her. After some time for her to get used to him she yapped

"Go on idiota. I'm alright now!" and rolled her hips against him. Kazuya turned them around on the bed so attia was straddling him and put his hands on her ass lifting her up and down. She realized what their position was and began to move up and down on his cock. She mewled and moaned at the contact and kazuya began to massage her ass while growling. The pandora felt the dense, lengthy cock inside her rub against her inner walls and his hands on her ass. "Ahh kazuya..." she moaned and soon came with a cry. He then turned them around and began to thrust into her this time. She slung her arms around his neck and held onto it securely when she could feel another orgasm approaching. This time the limiter knew he'd be cumming as well. He put his mouth on hers and she re-joined his kiss. When he would feel her walls narrowing up on him he couldn't help but shoot his cum deep inside her. When they had come down from their orgasms he put off the blindfold and kissed the third year again. After that she snuggled into his arms she murmured "bet Ingrid couldn't do this in her sleep".

In The hallways

"ACHOOOO" as Ingrid Bernstein sneezed in the hallway in all places. "Someone must be talking" she said as she continued down the hallway.

Love is the flower you've got to let grow.

John Lennon
I'm bbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkk enjoy chapter 8
Lonewolfsinger Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
still looking to see the culmination of this experiment. lol. We now Kazuya isn't quite the same as other limiters. Is this aspect of his Stigmata body?
Tymaryland619 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2014
That could be it
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