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The great tyzoo himself has returned with another chapter for all you anime lovers don't forget to comment. Rate. And subscribe. Wait that's for youtube I meant review. Fav. And follow. And one of the writers let me use one of their scenes as a flashback. SO ENJOY.

Chapter 9: Disciplinary Actions

Kazuya was sleeping peacefully in the bed he was in dreaming about playing with his older sister kazuha when he was younger. When he finally woke up he did not see attia anywhere but was once again bound to a different bed in a different room with chains. He wondered what room he was in until saw something feminine at the door. For a moment all he saw was her silhouette framed in the doorway, black against the brightness outside, but as she closed the door, she turned on the dark red lights within the room, illuminating every corner of the dark and gloomy room. "Ingrid-sempai," He said nervously, trying to rise, "What are you wearing." She was in strapped latex from neck to toe are red mask on her face with a whip in her hand. A cold smirk spread across her red-painted lips as she stepped towards him, the heels of her boots scrapping against the carpeted floor, "something to show that I'm teaching you discipline," She barked, "You are to call me Mistress." He watched her, trying to read her appearance, "Why?"

No sooner was the question out than she brought her whip down hard across his chest, causing him to wince more with pain than excitement."GAHHHHHHH!" he yelled. "I need to make sure you're in peak condition." She used her whip hard again, causing a frown of displeasure to cross his lips, "Careful how you swing that thing, Mistress." His brashness was compensated with a third strike before she closed the space between them. Reaching down, she ran her hand over theskin of his inner thigh, feeling his stiffening cock. He closed his eyes, savoring her touch and trapping her with his strong arms and the chains that bound him. "You know, mistress," He whispered, "This is a draw along the lines of torture. I could have you written up and suspended."

Ingrid laughed, giving the straps of his bomb a firm tug, "And I could kill you right now and make it look like an accident." She leaned into his embrace and gave him a push. It wasn't really enough to throw the boy off his feet, but he took the hint and fell back down onto the bed, pulling her down so that she lay on top of him. Resting her chin against the average build, of his chest, she looked up at him, "Kazuya, how long has it been since you're sister died?" He shifted a little so that his iron hard erection pressed completely against her through their clothing, he was surprised at her question but then remembered that she lost her friend the same way her sister to protect her friends, "Four years." It took much of her considerable will to keep from gasping as she felt him. She had suspected he would be well hung, but this was like nothing she could have imagined. "Well then let me show you the benefits of complete cooperation freeing herself from his arms, she sat upright and gazed at his cock. It was long and thick, She teased. The sight alone was enough to make her pussy wet and cause her nipples to stiffen, but before she could continue, she had to take off her restrictive clothing.

He groaned as she pulled away from him and rose to her feet, but as he tried to pull her back, she struck him across the knuckles with her whip, "Be patient, kazuya, it's only been a few hours, you can wait a little longer." "Ingrid-sempai," He whined, only to be answered with a hard slap across the face, "Mistress. Please." There was a note of anxious distraction in his voice. Impassive by his requests, she unbuttoned her shirt slowly, peeling them from her body like a snake shedding its skin. Her crimson lace bra and panties stood out sharply against her smooth, rich skin, causing kazuya to stare in awe. Stretched out before her, powerful and naked, his cock achingly hard, she looked like a goddess. As she stripped off the last of her clothing, revealing firm, perfectly formed breasts and a clean shaven pussy, she moved to straddle his waist and leaned in to kiss him for the first time. In spite of the roughness of his five o'clock shadow, he kissed her with astonishing sensitivity, moving his tongue between her lips almost coyly. She answered his sweetness with lust until he pulled away and whispered in her ear, "Ingrid, I need you, please." Rather than striking him again, she rocked back, and began to lower herself down onto his cock, spreading her thighs wider to accommodate him. Her breath came in shallow gasps as she took him in, torturously slow, moving centimeter by centimeter and inch by inch. The pleasure he felt entering her was nothing short of wholesome delight, but the teasing had become insufferable. Unable to take it anymore, he wrapped his quick hands around her hips and forced her down hard, taking her in one swift stroke. Ingrid's eye snapped shut and she cried out in pleasure mixed with an edge of pain. "Kazuya," She moaned, "You're so good! You're unbelievable. Fuck me, Kazuya Aoi!" The limiter was happy to oblige and thrust up hard as she rode his cock. All the while, his loose hands wandered over her body, kneading her breasts and squeezing her nipples until she screamed. She arched her back as she came, fingers gripping his chest, nails digging into his skin. He doesn't seem to even notice as his pace picks up and he is fucking her with even more energy even more speed. "Cum inside me Kazuya!" I shout in his ear. "Oh cum in me! Pour it all inside me!" He grunts and then cries out in joy. She could feel it! His hot cum! It was filling her up! So much of it that some flows out around the dick he still has jammed deep inside of her. Exhausted from her exertions, Ingrid crawled up into kazuya's arms. As he held her, he kissed her back, tasting her sweat. In the heat of the room, her perfume was intoxicating and all he wanted to do was hold her tight and never lose the feeling of her body pressed to his.

Four Years Ago

The scene changes to where currently Yumi Kim is on a roof looking out at the sea where the Nova finished annihilating the Japan Ship Fleet. "Yumi!" yelled Elize trying to find her as she is walking up the stairs to the roof. "Yeah I am up here." replied Yumi. "Where is Kazuha?" was the purpose as to why Elize was trying to find Yumi. "She is still at home. (Pause) Lets go." They left to meet with the rest of the battle ready Pandoras to engage the Nova that was closing in fast.

At the battle scene where the Pandoras and their limiters are, they charge into battle. Leading the pack are the three out of four members from the elite Members unit Yumi Kim, Elize Schmitz, and Shion Nayfield. "Comrades I want you all to fight your hardest. You can use anything you want." ordered Yumi to the Pandoras. As the Pandoras engaged the foul beast, HQ communicated with the Pandoras on what their current readings were picking up in terms of how each Pandora is doing. "Our readings are picking up that the Nova is preparing to do a freezing." spoke HQ representatives. "Get ready to do the Ereinbar Set" is simultaneously ordered by Yumi, Elize, and Shion to their own limiters. As the Nova unleashed a freezing attack to the Pandoras, some of the limiters unleashed a weaker freezing enough to render the Nova's that allowed the stronger Pandoras to move within the freezing. The Pandoras that activated the Ereinbar Set inside the freezing attacked the Nova with their best moves. "You have less than two minutes in the Ereinbar Set until you'd have to wait to do another." spoke HQ Not all the Pandoras were attacking. Some stayed at the rears which were probably orders from higher ups. After countless attacks on the Nova within the two minute time period were they able to break some of its armor off that exposed the core. The Pandoras were getting ready to do another Ereinbar Set. "Do the Ereinbar Set on my signal" yelled Yumi. Oblivious to them was that the Nova is preparing to do an even stronger freezing before the Pandoras are to activate their Ereinbar Set. "Now!" yelled Yumi. But it was too late. The Nova succeeded and even produced its annoying screech it always does. Every pandora and limiter froze on the scene. An aftermath shock came that damaged the entire battle scene. Blood was spilled everywhere. Pandoras were screaming because of the pain they are receiving from horrid injuries. Yumi looked around and saw Pandoras on the floor, dead or screaming in pain. With hateful eyes Yumi was about to attack the Nova until her right arm melted/fell off due to the attack from earlier. "Ahhhhhh!" cried Yumi "Yumi!" Elize screamed as she saw Yumi condition. "Damn! Please stay with me Yumi! Don't die on me!" was all Elize said as she was trying to help Yumi flee from the battle site.

Arriving at the battle scene on a beach port, the three helicopters prepare to land after 15 minutes in the air. The helicopter pilots try their best to land as close as possible to the injured Pandoras that were screaming to the high heavens. The Nova is very close by to where the helicopters just landed. Kazuha looks at the scene and in her mind, she is determined to win at all cost so that the medics at HQ can save the lives of the Pandoras, that can hopefully make it. Kazuha is currently walking up to a container crane where she will use Pandora Mode to defeat the Nova. The Nova took notice of Kazuha and prepared itself to do another freezing. After a few minutes of charging it up it unleashed out its attack. Kazuha though had already entered Pandora Mode and charged at the beast. She used her volt weapon to pierce the Nova in its core at astonishing speeds. The core cracked meaning it would blow up and would take Kazuha Aoi with itself too. Pandoras around looked at the sight amazed that Kazuha did it, but quickly fear enveloped their eyes when they saw what was about to occur. "Everyone run away or brace for impact the Nova is going to explode." screamed Elize who was still trying to get to safety.

The explosion wouldn't give Kazuha enough time to get away. Kazuha had a smile on her face as she was piercing deeper into the Nova. Her eyes were closed with tears forming. She thought of her best memories that she spent with Kazuya. But overall she remembered the very reason why she never had a limiter or even slept at West Genetics. She loved her brother so much and was jealous when she heard from her grandfather, Gengo Aoi that he planned to marry Kazuya to Ouka Tenjouin, a cousin of both Kazuha and Kazuya from the mom's side of the family. Ouka Tenjouin's appearance resembles Kazuha, but Ouka was a younger. She accepted the fact that she would die thinking about Kazuya. Then it happened the explosion occurred which took away the life of kazuha aoi; after the clash she was praised as a hero inspired many other pandoras to follow in her footsteps. But neither did any of them know that when the explosion occurred a bright light engulfed kazuha and sent her sinking to the bottom of the sea.

Four Years Later

At the same location where that great battle occurred at the bottom of the harbor underwater was a crystal statue resembling Kazuha Aoi. It stayed there after all these years until that moment when kazuya and Ingrid fell asleep the crystal statue cracked where the eyes were revealing a pair still fresh closed eyes. Then the eyes snapped opened to show a pair of yellowish olive eyes.

Love conquers all.

chapter nine oh so fine
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