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Chapter 5: Triple Nightmare Combo

"ahhhh today's a good day" kazuya said as he was walking to his class not noticing the hallways are empty. As he entered the classroom he noticed the classroom was empty and dim for that matter. "Must be early" he thought as he sat down but as he did all his limbs were restrained by metal cuffs and the desk formed to an operating table. "Hello kazuya" said an emotionless voice; when kazuya turned his head he saw Satellizer looking at him with a serious look on her face. "hel-l-o satellizer-sempai is this part of class" kazuya said with a nervous look; "why don't you ask Elizabeth, or Annette, or maybe chiffon & tish" She said. "Ohhhhhh Shitttttttt! she knows" thought kazuya. Satellizer said nothing as she pulled out a metal can from the box that was next to her. "Wait is it just me or does that can say…let's see…LIQ-UI-D NIT-ROG-EN wait LIQUID NITROGEN!" he thought aloud. Satellizer slowly walked towards him while unscrewing the cap in the process; "wait sempai I can explain please just let me explain" kazuya wept with reason but it was all futile as the blonde poured the chemical on his member hardening it in more ways than one. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! The agony!" kazuya screeched as his it felt getting a nutshot by a guy made of ice. Satellizer pulled something else out of the box looking a glass container with transparent green liquid in it with a label on it. "SULFURIC ACID! No sempai please!" kazuya begged with extreme anxiety but once again proved pointless as she poured it on him burning his member in the process. "GYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH H!" kazuya squealed never feeling anything like this before. (A/N: if you're wandering what it feels like try imagining the most powerful ICYHOT product on your Johnson. Painful am I right?) The last thing she pulled out of the box was a nuclear powered laser; "OHHHHHHH come on!" yelled kazuya as she powered it up. "Will you at least let me have a final monologue?" kazuya said but Satellizer nodded her head and fired the laser, then everything went white.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!" kazuya screamed as he sat up from his bed looking around as he noticed both pandoras he was sleeping with gone. "Phew it was all just a nightmare" kazuya said then all of sudden the alarm for whenever an incursion was happening was ringing. "Wait an invasion now; I better hurry" kazuya said as he bolted out the room in his uniform; kazuya made it to the briefing room but the strange thing was that not a single Pandora was in there only limiters. "okay listen up a single squadron of novas are about to surround the school and what makes it worse is that they have an energy bomb within that could go off any minute now" was what the Commanding officer said. All the limiters could do was gasp and murmur to each about the news, our only chance is to take them out before they can take us out Any questions". The CO said. Before any the asked a question the roof was ripped and the surround novas were looking inside seeing everybody gathered in one spot. "we need our pandoras now" said one of the limiters then the doors opened behind everbody; "alight they're here" said another limiter, but as they turned around all they saw were a bunch of women with fat bellies. "HHHHUUUUAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhh ! What the hell happened to you all?" said all the limiters; the entire Pandora group responded by pointing at kazuya. "What me!" kazuya said shocked; "you freakin idiot you got them all pregnant" the CO. It mattered little as the novas begin to glow; "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH SSSSSHHHHIIITTTTT!" was the final thing he said before the entire West Genetics Academy was nuked, then everything went black.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" kazuya shouted and then realized he was once again in his room; "okay that was one way past fucked up nightmare" Kazuya said. " Is everything alright kazuya-kun" said a feminine voice; "yeah everything is-" was all kazuya said as he saw a human sized nova lying on the bed next to him. "OH MY GOD!.

Kazuya woke up again this time both Chiffon and tish sat up with from the sudden jolt. "Kazuya is everything ok" tish said; "yeah just some bad dreams" kazuya said. "we can fix that" chiffon said with her infamous smile as both her and tish cradle his head together as their breasts rubbed against both sides of kazuya's head as they lied back down. The only thing kazuya did was grin proudly and thought "maybe nightmares aren't all that bad".

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

H. L. Mencken

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here we are with nnnuuuuummmmmmbbbbbbbeeeerrrrrr 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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